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Accreditation: Evidence, Standard III

III.A-1 Personnel Commission website

III.A-2 State Teaching Minimum Qualifications

III.A-3 LACCD Faculty Hiring Procedures

III.A-4 Evaluation Procedure for College Presidents

III.A-5 American Federation of Teachers, Faculty Guild Collective Bargaining Agreement

III.A-6 Los Angeles City & County School Employees' Union, Local 99, AFL-CIO, S.E.I.U. Collective Bargaining Agreement

III.A-7 Supervisory Employees' Union, S.E.I.U. Local 347 Collective Bargaining Agreement

III.A-8 Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council Collective Bargaining Agreement

III.A-9 American Federation of Teachers, College Staff Guild, Local 1521A, CFT/AFT, AFL/CIO Collective Bargaining Agreement

III.A-10 West Los Angeles College 2005 Self-Study Questionnaire, Preliminary Results

III.A-11 West's Student Learning Outcomes Story

III.A-12 LACCD Personnel Guides

III.A-13 Spring 2005 Student Survey Results

III.A-14 LACCD Board Rules

III.A-15 LACCD Personnel Commission Laws and Rules

III.A-16 West Los Angeles College Catalog 2004-2006

III.A-17 West Los Angeles College Class Schedule

III.A-18 Grievance Policies

III.A-19 Sexual Harassment Brochures

III.A-20 West Los Angeles College Student Equity Plan

III.A-21 District Diversity Programs

III.A-22 Staff Development Activities

III.A-23 Staff Development Committee evaluation form

III.A-24 Title III Five Year Faculty Assignments - a list of Instruction Development Grants to revise curriculum and lesson plans

III.A-25 WLAC Technology Tally, fulltime

III.A-26 Title V Grant

Standard III.B. Documentation

III.B-1 Volume 2, Facilities Master Plan and Environmental Impact Report, includes Level of Service Analysis (LOS

III.B-2 WLAC 2005 Self-Study Preliminary Results

III.B-3 Emergency Evacuation Procedures & Emergency Disaster Plan

III.B-4 Key Control Policy

III.B-4a Scheduled Maintenance Plan

III.B-5 LACCD Facilities Planning and Development Space Inventory Report

III.B-6 LACCD Five Year Construction Plan

III.B-7 Proposition A/AA list

III.B-8 Prop A/AA Bond Citizens Oversight Committee Meeting Notes

III.B-9 Spread sheets tracking building progress

III.B-9a Memorandum of Understanding, College President and Local Homeowners Associations, January 12, 2005, with attachment

III.B-10 California Master Plan for Education

Standard III.C. Documentation

III.C-1 Spring 2005 Student Survey Results

III.C-2 Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program Standards

III.C-3 West Los Angeles College Integrated Master Plan

III.C-4 West Los Angeles College Email Policy Statement

III.C-5 Minutes of Computer Science/Office Administration Advisory Committee Meeting

Standard III.D. Documentation

III.D-1 Integrated Master Plan

III.D-2 2005-2006 Budget Operational Plan Instructions

III.D-3 West Los Angeles College Council

III.D-4 West Los Angeles College 2005-06 Operational Plan

III.D-5 West Los Angeles College Institutional Effectiveness Task Force Budget Reduction Recommendations

III.D-6 West Los Angeles College 2005 Self-Study Questionnaire, Preliminary Results

III.D-7 West Los Angeles College Unit Plan Guide

III.D-8 Proposed Annual Planning and Budgeting Timeline for 2006-07

III.D-9 Los Angeles Community College District 2005-06 Final Budget Allocation Mechanism

III.D-10 State Instructional Equipment Funds

III.D-11 Telecommunication and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP)

III.D-12 Title V Grant Award Notification

III.D-13 Prop A and AA Bond Measures Allocations

III.D-14 West Los Angeles College Foundation Annual Financial Statement

III.D-15 2004-05 Dedicated Revenue Status (Year End Final Closing)

III.D-16 Unrestricted General Fund 2002-03 Open Orders and Ending Balance

III.D-17 Unrestricted General Fund 2003-04 Open orders and Ending Balance

III.D-18 2004-05 FTES Annual

III.D-19 West Los Angeles College 2004-05 Final Year End Closing Report

III.D-20 2005-06 Draft FTES Targets

III.D-21 West Los Angeles Community College vs. Two Major Competitors Final Report October 2005

III.D-22 2005-06 Preliminary Budget Planning Allocations

III.D-23 Final Budget 2004-05

III.D-24 Final Budget 2005-06

III.D-25 Budget Preparation Memo to Vice Presidents

III.D-26 2005-06 Tentative Budget Allocation

III.D-27 2005-06 Final Budget Unrestricted General Fund

III.D-28 West Los Angeles College Implementation of Participatory Governance Agreement Budget Process

III.D-29 LACCD District Website - Chart of Accounts

III.D-30 Los Angeles Community College District Report on Audited Basic Financial Statements June 30, 2004

III.D-31 West Los Angeles College Unrestricted General Fund Monthly Closing Report

III.D-32 West Los Angeles College Monthly Projection

III.D-33 West Los Angeles College Quarterly Report

III.D-34 Los Angeles Community College District Board Rules

III.D-35 Los Angeles Community College District Administrative Regulations and Procedures

III.D-36 Los Angeles Community College District Business Manual

III.D-37 West Los Angeles College Foundation By-laws

III.D-38 LACCD Cafeteria Operating Statement (Fund 60006) July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005

III.D-39 LACCD Bookstore Operating Statement (Fund 80008) July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005

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