STANDARD IV. B Board & Administrative Organization



IV.B-1 Board Rule Chapter I Article II; Chapter VI Article I; Administrative Regulation E-64; Board Rule Chapter XVIII Article I
IV.B-2 Board Decentralization Policies – E-65; Board Rule 10305; Chapter X, Article III; PG B342; Board Rule Chapter VI, Article VIII
IV.B-3 Finance and Audit Committee minutes April, May, June 2011
IV.B-4 Capital Construction Committee minutes, p. 3
IV.B-5 LACCD Strategic Plan 2006-11

DPC Scorecard Report and Recommendations for District Strategic Plan

IV.B-7 District Strategic Planning Committee minutes May, 24, 2011
IV.B-8 SWOT results district-wide
IV.B-9 LACCD Report on Audited Basic Financial Statements, June 30, 2010 

Institutional Effectiveness Committee minutes

IV.B-11 Sign-in sheets, training August 2011
IV.B-12 Board Rules Chapter II Art. III
IV.B-13 Board Rules
IV.B-14 Chancellor’s Directive #70
IV.B-15 Administrative Regulation C-12
IV.B-16 Board agenda August 11, 2010
IV.B-17 Board Rule 2105
IV.B-18 Orientation procedures for new student trustees
IV.B-19 Board member orientation
IV.B-20 Board retreat minutes January 20, 2010
IV.B-21 Board Rule 2301.10
IV.B-22 Board retreat minutes August 25-26, 2011
IV.B-23 District Effectiveness Review Cycle flow chart
IV.B-24 Board Rules on Ethical Values
IV.B-25 Institutional Effectiveness Committee description
IV.B-26 Board Rule 10307
IV.B-27 Chancellor’s Directive 122
IV.B-28 Chancellor Evaluation Data Collection
IV.B-29 Chancellor Selection Procedures
IV.B-30 Performance Evaluation Process for College Presidents
IV.B-31 President evaluation packet
IV.B-32 Chancellor’s Cabinet memo May 25, 2011
IV.B-33 Multi-College Pilot Project
IV.B-34 2003-04 Functional Map 
IV.B-35 2008 Functional Map 
IV.B-36 East Los Angeles College evaluation report (p. 49) 
IV.B-37 Los Angeles Trade-Tech College evaluation report (p. 48)
IV.B-38 DPC Process for Addressing District Recommendations 
IV.B-39 Committee Evaluation template
IV.B-40 DPC goals
IV.B-41 Governance Handbook template
IV.B-42 DPC minutes Feb 26, 2010
IV.B-43 Planning and Student Success Committee minutes March 10, 2010
IV.B-44 LACCD District Governance and Functions Handbook

District Office Customer Satisfaction Surveys

IV.B-46 LACCD Benefits Service Center
IV.B-47 2010-2011 Final Budget Allocation, SB361 Allocation Mechanism
IV.B-48 DBC minutes May 18, 2011
IV.B-49 DBC minutes June 22, 2011
IV.B-50 Quarterly Financial Status Report
IV.B-51 Guidelines to Establish a Balanced Budget for 2011-12
IV.B-52 GASB trust quarterly statement, June 2011 
IV.B-53 Board minutes July 15, 2009
IV.B-54 Post-Retirement Health Benefits Actuarial Valuation Study September 22, 2010
IV.B-55 JLMBC Saturn award
IV.B-56 Public Employee Post-Employment Benefits Commission report (p. 169-173)
IV.B-57 JLMBC report July 13, 2011

Chancellor’s bulletins

IV.B-59 District Strategic Plan Communications Plan July 2011 
IV.B-60 District Governance Committee webpage
IV.B-61 District Website Redesign kickoff meeting
IV.B-62 District/College Roles and Functions Survey
IV.B-63 District/College Roles and Functions Assessment Report
IV.B-64 District-wide Governance Survey
IV.B-65 District-wide Governance Assessment Report

Four Committees' Self Evaluations

IV.B-67 Statement of 2008-09 Goals for West Los Angeles College by President Mark Rocha
IV.B-68 2010-11 Year-End Balances and Cyclical Comparative Expenditure Data.pdf
IV.B-69 MOU Concerning Effective College Governance Process
IV.B-71 Linking Planning to Budgeting – Summary of Annual and Comprehensive Review Cycles
IV.B-72 Personal Invitation from the College President: Host Committee, June 5th Gala
IV.B-73 Faculty Position Identification and Prioritization Policy
IV.B-75 Joint Administrative Council and Divisional Council Committee Retreat Minutes
IV.B-77 Foundation Skills Comprehensive Plan
IV.B-78 Presentation to Rotary Club of Venice
IV.B-79 Resource Development Committee charge
IV.B-80 2008-09 Proposed Budget Omnibus
IV.B-81 Budget Management Proposal
IV.B-82 President Joyce’s Message, 9/3/2010
IV.B-83 President Joyce’s Message Announcing Culver City Council Decision, 3/7/2011
IV.B-84 Agenda Bi-Annual Meeting WLAC, HOAs and Culver City, 9/15/2011
IV.B-85 College Citizens’ Oversight Committee
IV.B-86 Town Hall 9/20/2010
IV.B-87 Town Hall 12/2010
IV.B-88 Town Hall 3/28/2010
IV.B-89 Town Hall 5/2011
IV.B-90 Town Hall 11/14/2011