Standard III.A Human Resources




III.A-2 FPIP Policy  Effective April 29, 2011.pdf


III.A-3 Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy.pdf 


Personnel Commission Website 


LACCD Human Resources Guide R-120 Faculty Selection, Tenure Track


LACCD Academic Jobs


Academic Minimum Qualifications


HR Guide R-120 Faculty Selection, Tenure Track


AFT Faculty Guild Contract


Local 99 Contract

III.A-11 S.E.I.U. Local 721 Contract
III.A-12 Building and Trades Contract
III.A-13 LACCD Board Rules Ch. 20
III.A-14 AFT Faculty Guild Contract Appendix C
III.A-15 LACCD AFT Contract, Article 19: Evaluation
III.A-16 Student Evaluation of Online Instructor
III.A-18 Chronicle Great Colleges Survey, 2008
III.A-19 Contract Interpretation
III.A-20 Board Rules Ch.1 Article II
III.A-21 Classified Employee Handbook
III.A-22 FPIP Committee Minutes
III.A-23 LACCD Human Resources Guides
III.A-24 LACCD Personnel Commission Laws and Rules
III.A-25 Collective Bargaining Agreements
III.A-26 LACCD Discrimination Policy
III.A-27 Campus Climate Survey
III.A-28 Fall 2010 College Retreat
III.A-29 Tech Fair Presentations
III.A-30 Academic Senate
III.A-31 Flex Forms
III.A-32 Leadership Retreat Summaries
III.A-33 WLAC Planning Website
III.A-34 LACCD Strategic Plan
III.A-35 Vice President Evaluation Form
III.A-36 Professional Standards
III.A-37 Board Rules Ch. 9 Article XI



Standard III.B Physical Resources

III.B-1 III.B-1 Scheduled Maintenance Projects Plan 2011-15.pdf
III.B-2  III.B-2 Campus Safety and Security Statements.pdf 
III.B-3 III.B-3 2010 Clery Crime Statistics.pdf
III.B-4 III.B-4 June 2011 Clery Crime Statistics.pdf
III.B-5 III.B-5 Emergency Evacuation Plan.pdf
III.B-6 III.B-6 Emergency Procedures.pdf
III.B-7 III.B-7 Congregation Areas.pdf
III.B-8 III.B-8 Key Control Policy.pdf
III.B-9 III.B-9 Campus Climate Survey Spring 2011.pdf
III.B-10 III.B-10 Amendment to Settlement Agreement.pdf
III.B-11 III.B-11 Community Liaison Procedure.pdf
III.B-12 College Master Plans Website
III.B-13 Bond Fund Allocations
III.B-14 2010 Campus Master Plan
III.B-15 Budget Report of Measure J projects
III.B-16 BPMC Minutes
III.B-17 Building Program Monthly Progress Report



Standard III.C Technology Resources

III.C-1 III.C-1 Advisory Committee Agenda.pdf
III.C-2 III.C-2 Advisory Committee Minutes.pdf
III.C-3 III.C-3 TMP Survey.pdf
III.C-4 Professional Development Week Fall 2011
III.C-5 Tech Fair.
III.C-6 Online Instructor Resources

Planning Actions and Resource Requests Form

III.C-8 Charge and Formation of the Technology Master Plan Committee
III.C-9 2009-2016 Technology Master Plan
III.C-10 Campus Climate Survey Spring 2011 



Standard III.D Financial Resources

III.D-1 III.D-1 2010-11 Budget Development Calendar.pdf 
III.D-2 III.D-2 2011-12 Budget Development Calendar.pdf
III.D-3 III.D-3 2011-12 Budget Preparation Letter.pdf
III.D-4 III.D-4 Operational Plan 2011-12.pdf
III.D-5 III.D-5 2010-11 Final Budget Allocation.pdf
III.D-6 III.D-6 2010-11 Dedicated Revenue Status (Year End Closing).pdf
III.D-7 III.D-7 2008-09 Year-End Closing.pdf
III.D-8 III.D-8 2009-10 Year-End Closing.pdf
III.D-9 III.D-9 Budget Management Proposal.pdf
III.D-10 III.D-10 2010-11 Open Orders and Ending Balances.pdf
III.D-11 III.D-11 2010-11 Year-End Closing.pdf
III.D-12 III.D-12 Principles for Prioritizing Programs and Services.pdf
III.D-13 III.D-13 2010-11 Year-End Balances and Cyclical Comparative Expenditure Data.pdf
III.D-14 III.D-14 2011-12 Budget Operation Plan General Instructions.pdf
III.D-15 III.D-15 VP Priority List.pdf

III.D-16 2011-12 Preliminary Budget Allocation.pdf

III.D-17 III.D-17 2011-12 Final Budget Allocation.pdf
III.D-18 III.D-18 Specially Funded Programs.pdf
III.D-19 III.D-19 Budget Committee 2010-11 Self-Evaluation.pdf
III.D-20 III.D-20 Report on Audited Basic Financial Statements.pdf
III.D-21 III.D-21 Monthly Projection - June 2011.pdf 
III.D-22 III.D-22 Quarterly Financial Status Report.pdf
III.D-23 III.D-23 10100 Budget Projections.pdf
III.D-24 III.D-24 West's Budget Picture.ppt
III.D-25 III.D-25 2010-11 Final Budget.pdf
III.D-26 III.D-26 Bylaws of the WLAC Foundation.pdf
III.D-27 III.D-27 WLAC Foundation 2010-11 Financial Statements.pdf
III.D-28 III.D-28 Combined Bookstore Operating Statement.pdf
III.D-29 III.D-29 Community Services Program Operating Statement.pdf
III.D-30 III.D-30 Pilot Program for Course Material Rental.pdf
III.D-31 Educational Master Plan
III.D-32 Program Review 2010-11
III.D-33 College Planning Committee Minutes 12.08.06
III.D-34 2008-09 Presidential Set Aside Funding Request Form
III.D-35 College Planning Committee Minutes 4.21.08
III.D-36 Accreditation Progress Report 2008
III.D-37 Program Review Website
III.D-38 Enrollment Management Committee Website
III.D-39 College Council Website
III.D-40 College Master Plans Website
III.D-41 Bond Fund Allocations
III.D-42 College Budget Committee Minutes
III.D-43 LACCD District Website -- Chart of Accounts (copy of Districtwide Chart for off campus access)
III.D-44 Los Angeles Community College District Board Rules
III.D-45 Los Angeles Community College District Administrative Regulations and Procedures
III.D-46 Los Angeles Community College District Business Services Manual
III.D-47 Title V Grant
III.D-48 Grants and Resource Development
III.D-49 Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant
III.D-50 Building a High-Impact Transfer Academy Grant
III.D-51 Skills Certificates in Motion Picture/Television Production Grant
III.D-52 Pathways to 21st Century Careers Grant
III.D-53 Hospitality Training Partnership Grant