STANDARD II. B Student Support Services



II.B-1 Student Services Plan
II.B-2 Admissions and Records webpage
II.B-3 Associated Students webpage
II.B-4 Child Development Center webpage
II.B-5 Counseling Services Division webpage
II.B-6 Disabled Students Programs and Services webpage
II.B-7 Extended Opportunities Programs and Services/Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education webpage
II.B-8 Financial Aid webpage
II.B-9 Foster/Kinship Care Education webpage
II.B-10 Intercollegiate Athletics webpage
II.B-11 International Student Services
II.B-12 Matriculation/Assessment Services webpage ( and (
II.B-13 Outreach and School Relations webpage ( and (
II.B-14 Puente Program State webpage
II.B-15 Student Heath Center brochure
II.B-16 Transfer Services webpage
II.B-17 Veterans Services webpage
II.B-18  Institute for Student Excellence
II.B-19 Learning Skills Center
II.B-20 Library Services
II.B-21 UMOJA Program
II.B-22 Bookstore
II.B-23 Business Office
II.B-24 West College Catalog
II.B-25 How to Submit Transcripts
II.B-26 Residency Requirements
II.B-27 College Catalog Policies and Regulation
II.B-28 West Vocational Certificates 
II.B-29 West Schedule of Classes
II.B-30 LACCD Administrative Regulation E-109
II.B-31 Student Equity Plan
II.B-32 2010 West Student Information: Demographics and Enrollment Trends
II.B-33 West CCC Apply
II.B-34 West Admission Application
II.B-35 West Transfer eChat
II.B-36 LACCD Student Information System
II.B-37 2006 Accreditation Report 
II.B-38 CCC Apply SLO Statewide Analysis for West LA College
II.B-39 College Climate Survey, spring 2010 
II.B-40 Outreach Point of Contact Survey
II.B-41 2009-10 Scheduling and Reporting System (SARS) data
II.B-42 2010 DegreeWorks SEP
II.B-43 Legacy SEP Data
II.B-44 West Counseling Services Division FAQ webpage
II.B-45 West Early Alert
II.B-46 Personal Development (PD)/ESL 5A flyer
II.B-47 Matriculation Services Point of Contact Survey
II.B-48 LACCD Office of Institutional Research Student Surveys
II.B-49 West General Counseling Division Point of Contact Survey 
II.B-50 West Matriculation Plan
II.B-51 Charter a Club at West
II.B-52 West Matriculation Practice Tests
II.B-53 West Online Orientation
II.B-54 ASO Club List
II.B-55 LACCD Administrative Regulation E-99
II.B-56 Information Technology Access Form
II.B-57 LACCD Board Rule 7709
II.B-58 LACCD Board Minutes May 2011
II.B-59 LACCD Board Rule 7708
II.B-60 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes
II.B-61 Student Services Program Review
II.B-62 Student Services Building Movie
II.B-63 Student Services Faculty/Staff Satisfaction Survey