STANDARD II. A Instructional Programs



II.A-1 Regional Scan & Program Demand Report 2010
II.A-2 CTE Advisory Board Minutes March 5, 2011
II.A-3 Westside Extension
II.A-4 CNA HHA Flyer Jan 2011
II.A-5 WLAC Northrop Progam
II.A-6 Dale Carnegie Training
II.A-7 Educating Young Minds
II.A-8 DaVinci Schools 
II.A-9 Manifest Your Destiny
II.A-10 Young Black Scholars
II.A-11 College Careers and You
II.A-12 Police Orientation and Preparation Program
II.A-13 Jumpstart Program
II.A-14 Program Review Data 2005-2009


100,000 Strong Initiative
II.A-16 First Lady Michelle Obama Urges American Youth to Strengthen U.S. – China Ties
II.A-17 West Language Academy
II.A-18 Office of Research and Planning
II.A-19 College Council Agenda and Minutes
II.A-20 Academic Senate Agenda and Minutes
II.A-21 Divisional Council Agenda and Minutes
II.A-22 Class Schedule
II.A-23 Online Class Schedules
II.A-24 U.S. Department of Education, Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies
II.A-25 ADX site for Course Syllabi
II.A-26 Etudes course management system
II.A-27 Economic Workforce Development Program Application Abstract
II.A-28 Distance Learning Curriculum Documents and Other Forms
II.A-29 LACC Success in Regular and Online Classes by Discipline
II.A-30 Student Evaluation of Online Instructor Survey Results
II.A-31 WLAC Institutional SLOs
II.A-32 Tech Fair
II.A-33 Flex Week Workshops
II.A-34 WLAC SLO web page
II.A-35 California Community Colleges Program and Course Approval Handbook, March 2009
II.A-36 Computer Science and Applications (CSIT) Division
II.A-37 Curriculum Program Development: Forms and Process
II.A-38 Tech Fair Presentations
II.A-39 Electronic Curriculum Development (ECD) Help Menu

State Chancellor's Curriculum Handbook, March 2009 

II.A-41 LACCD Contract, Article 19: Evaluation
II.A-42 LACCD Contract, Appendix C, Section III: Student Evaluation of Instructor
II.A-43 SLO - Course Assessment and Revision Cycle
II.A-44 Academic Senate Minutes Oct. 14, 2008
II.A-45 2011-2014 Educational Master Plan

DH88 Dental Hygeine Development Seminar Syllabi

II.A-47 Guiding Principles for SLO Assessment from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
II.A-48 SLO Assessment Tools
II.A-49 CTE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes March 5, 2011
II.A-50 Program Review 2010-2011 
II.A-51 LACCD AFT Contract, Article 42: Tenure Review and Evaluation of Contract [Probationary] Faculty 
II.A-52 LACCD AFT Contract, Article 19: Evaluation
II.A-53 Fall 2010 College Leadership Retreat
II.A-54 WLAC Academic Senate
II.A-55 Sample Flex Forms 2010-2011 Steve Aggers
II.A-56 Student Success Committee
II.A-57 FTEF Allocation Worksheet - Spring 2012
II.A-58 Office of Research and Planning
II.A-59 Set of Reports and Guidelines for Scheduling and Sequencing
II.A-60 College Profile
II.A-61 Course Maps
II.A-62 Student Demographics and Enrollment 1969-2010
II.A-63 Introduction to Mobl21
II.A-64 WLAC Umoja
II.A-65 Puente Program Flyer
II.A-66 Accelerated College Transfer Program
II.A-67 Aviation Maintenance Technology Flyer 
II.A-68 Motion Picture Television Production - About US
II.A-69 2010 Predominantly Black Institutions Formula Grant Abstract
II.A-70 Curriculum Committee Minutes Feb. 23, 2011
II.A-71 Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
II.A-72 Budget Committee Minutes
II.A-73 List of Programs and Licensing/Certification Rates
II.A-74 Program Review
II.A-75 Comprehensive Program Review 2010
II.A-76 Foundation Skills Comprehensive Plan March 3, 2011
II.A-77 WLAC Catalog 2010-2012 - Academics
II.A-78 National Board Dental Hygiene Examination
II.A-79 Paralegal Program
II.A-80 Nursing Program
II.A-81 Real Estate - Degrees & Certificate
II.A-82 Gainful Employment Information 
II.A-83 LACCD Board Rule 6201.4, Ch. VI, Article II. Graduation Requirements: General Education Requirement
II.A-84 Mission, Vision and Values
II.A-85 Catalog. Academics: General Education Requirements. pp. 60-64
II.A-86 Board Rule 6201: Associate Degree
II.A-87 Board Rule 6102: Community College Courses of Study
II.A-88 CTE Resource Guide for the Carl D. Perkins Title IC Basic Grant Funds rev. May 2011
II.A-89 Degrees and Certificates Awarded 2005-2010
II.A-90 UC and CSU Transfers by Area of Study Fall 2003-Fall 2007
II.A-91 Board Rule 6803: Viability Review
II.A-92 Academic Senate Instructional Program Viability Review Policy
II.A-93 Humanities and Fine Arts Division application for Berklee Alumni Grant
II.A-94 College catalogs
II.A-95 WestWeek
II.A-96 For Students
II.A-97 LACCD AFT Contract, Article 4: Academic Freedom
II.A-98 "Our Values" and "Institutional Student Learning Outcomes" - College Catalog. p. 6
II.A-99 Statement on Faculty Professional Standards May 27, 2003
II.A-100 Fall 2011 Class Schedule - Things to Know
II.A-101 Policies. 2010-2012 WLAC College Catalog
II.A-102 Plagiarism - sample syllabi statement
II.A-103 Fall 2009 Student Survey