STANDARD I. B Institutional Effectiveness




Participatory Governance Chart
I.B.1-2 Divisional Council Agendas and Minutes
I.B.1-3 SLO web site
I.B.1-4 Comprehensive Program Review SLO Report: Implementation and Assessment
I.B.1-5 Program Review Part 1: Reflection and Assessment – Academic Divisions 2010-2011; SLO questions on page 4
I.B.1-6 Letter of Praise from Dr. Janet Fulks
I.B.1-7 Resource Development Committee web site
I.B.1-8 Foundation Skills Think Tank, Summer 2010
I.B.1-9 Academic Senate Minutes, March 8, 2011
I.B.1-10 College Profile
I.B.1-11 Achieving the Dream Planning Year Work Plan
I.B.1-12 Recommendation 1, on Campus Climate 
I.B.2-1 Educational Master Plan Approved
I.B.2-2 WLAC Educational Master Plan
I.B.2-3 Educational Master Plan 2008-2011
I.B.2-4 WLAC College strategic plan umbrella
I.B.2-5 WLAC 2009-2016 Technology Master Plan
I.B.2-6 WLAC Facilities Master Plan Documents
I.B.2-7 Campus Master Plan and Landscape Guidelines, Spring 2010
I.B.2-8 EIR
I.B.2-9 WLAC Student Services Plan
I.B.2-10 Educational Master Plan 2008-2011 Implementation Assessment
I.B.2-11 Planning Connections: Alignment of Goals and SLOs
I.B.2-12 Program SLO and Course Assessment Analysis by Certificate and Degree
I.B.2-13 Achieving the Dream Data Team
I.B.3-1 Program Review Committee Minutes 4-17-2008 
I.B.3-2 LACCD Framework for Program Review
I.B.3-3 Program Review Committee Minutes 11-1-2007
I.B.3-4 Program Review Committee Minutes 5-1-2009
I.B.3-5 Program Review Committee Minutes 3-11-2008
I.B.3-6 Planning and Budgeting Calendar 
I.B.3-7 Fiscal Year, Planning and Budgeting Integrated Linkages
I.B.3-8 Classified Hiring and other Discretionary Resources Request Procedure 
I.B.3-9 Goal Alignment Chart 
I.B.3-10 Program Review Part 2: Linking Planning to Budget, Planning Goal 
I.B.3-11 Program Review Part 2: Linking Planning to Budget, Planning Actions 
I.B.3-12 Alignment of Planning Actions and Resource Requests with Strategic Goals 
I.B.3-13 LACCD Strategic Plan 
I.B.3-14 LACCD College Effectiveness Report 
I.B.3-15 Fall 2009 Student Survey 
I.B.3-16 LACCD Department/Division Data Book 
I.B.3-17 Foundation Skills Plan 
I.B.3-18 2008-2009 Presidential Set Aside Funding – Request Form for Enrollment Growth & Retention 
I.B.3-19  Presidential Set Aside Funding, Program Review 2007-08, October 18, 2007 Minutes 
I.B.3-20 AtD Planning Year Work Plan 
I.B.3-21 Program Review Committee Minutes 9/21/2011 
I.B.4-1 Planning and Budgeting Calendar
I.B.4-2 Faculty Position Identification and Prioritization Policy
I.B.5-2 Enrollment Management Committee Charge and Minutes 
I.B.5-3 Campus Climate Survey
I.B.5-4 LACCD Student Survey
I.B.5-5 Program Review Part 1 Reflection and Assessment (see page 3)
I.B.5-6 College Council Minutes
I.B.5-7 Presentation to Board 
I.B.5-8 Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting Advisory Board Meeting Minutes,Oct. 6, 2010 
I.B.5-9 Computer Science Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes 
I.B.5-10 Celebrating Excellence announcement
I.B.5-11 WestWeek highlights success of Dental Hygiene students 
I.B.5-12 Faculty profile on college home page 
I.B.5-13 West Achieving the Dream Planning Year Work Plan 
I.B.5-14 Board of Trustees Annual District Effectiveness Review Cycle 
I.B.6-1 Program Review Committee Minutes
I.B.6-2 Proposed FPIP Process Revision
I.B.6-3 Faculty Position Identification and Prioritization Policy 
I.B.6-4 College Council Retreat Notes, Aug. 23, 2011 
I.B.6-5 Operational Enrollment Management Plan
I.B.6-6 FTEF Allocation Worksheet 
I.B.6-7 Historical Detail, Spring 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 
I.B.6-8 Schedule Preparation Spring 2012 Term Detail, Spring 2011
I.B.6-9 Timeline for Class Schedule Preparation
I.B.7-1 Program Review Committee Minutes
I.B.7-2 AFT Faculty Guild Contract – Evaluations Appendix C, p. 134
I.B.7-3 District Research Committee Minutes
I.B.7-4 WLAC Planning Committee Minutes