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[koh-hawrt] a group or company 

Many students have greater success and a more enjoyable experience in college when they are part of a program with familiar faces and structure. The following programs offer students the opportunity to progress within a cohort of students, tailored courses and committed faculty & staff.



2Yrs x (1 or 2 Days or Nights + Online) = Transfer 


Accelerated College Transfer was designed with mature working students in mind. Classes meet Online + 2 nights per week ~OR~ Online + Saturday or Sunday read more




Academic Support with an Emphasis on the Success of African Americans and Others 


Umoja is a community of instructors, counselors, students and support services staff who are committed to the academic and personal and professional growth and self-actualization of African American students and others. Program includes special courses and access to scholarships, financial aid, career counseling, mentoring and more -- read more




Academic Support with an Emphasis on the Success of Latinos and Others 


Puente (Bridge) is a learning community that embraces the Latino cultural experience and provides academic and support services including: Financial Aid & Scholarhsip Assistance; Mentoring & Career Counseling; Group & Individual Tutoring; English Composition; and Personal Development Classes (Learn how to develop and reach goals, utilize college resources, and identify potential career paths). To participate, call 310-287-4254.