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ProQuest offers citations, abstracts, full-text or full-image articles of over 4,000 academic and popular publications.



1. Basic Search


Basic Search is an ideal way to get started with ProQuest. Just think of a word or phrase related to the information you're looking for and type it into the search bar field. _How to Search ProQuest:

  • Enter a word or phrase into the search field.
  • Click Search.
  • You can focus your search with the following options (some are only available after clicking on More Options):
  • Author
  • Database
  • Select Multiple Databases
  • Date Range
  • Document Type
  • Limit your results to full text documents
  • Look for terms in ( Select Citations and abstracts, Citation and article text)
  • Publication Title (Browse)
  • Publication Type
  • Scholarly Journals, including peer-reviewed

2. Topic Guide

Topic Guide is another type of search. You can type in your subject and get a list of recommended topics. The ProQuest Topic Guide lets you find articles by searching an index, or by exploring a hierarchical subject directory. Indexed topics may include subjects, companies, people, and locations.

Enter a term and select whether you want ProQuest to Suggest Topics or Look up Topics A-Z, then click Find Term. Or, click browse subjects by topic to view the Subject Directory.

Once you have found a topic, click View articles to run a search using the topic. Or click Narrow below the desired topic to narrow the search using related terms. From the narrowed list, find a term you want to use and click View.

3. Advanced Search

Advanced Search is a powerful way to search with ProQuest. Enter your word or phrase, and use the fields to focus your search.

  1. Enter a word or phrase into the search field.
  2. If you're combining your search with additional search words:
  • Choose the operator (for example, AND or OR) you want to use.
  • Add your search word to the search field next to the operator list.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the field to search.
  • Continue adding words as needed. If you want to add more terms, click Add a row.
  1. When you finish entering your terms, click Search.

You can focus your search by using the following options (some are only available after clicking More Options):

  • Abstract
  • Author
  • Citation and Abstract
  • Citation and Document Text
  • Classification Code (Browse)
  • Company (Browse)
  • Database (Select Multiple Databases)
    • Date Range,
    • Document Text
    • Document Title
    • Document Type
    • Geographical Name/Location (Browse)
    • Image Caption
  • Limit your results to full text documents
    • NAICS/SIC code (Browse)
    • Person (Browse)
    • Product Name
    • Publication Title (Browse)
    • Publication Type
    • Results per page
    • Scholarly Journals
    • including peer-reviewed
    • Sort Results by
    • Subject (Browse)

When you select Citations and abstracts from the drop-down menu, ProQuest searches the following fields:

  • Author
  • Personal Name
  • Abstract
  • Product Name
  • Article Title
  • Subject Terms
  • Company Name
  • Source (publication title)
  • Geographical Name
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