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WEST: A gateway to success for every student


West Los Angeles College provides a transformative educational experience.

West fosters a diverse learning community dedicated to student success.

Through quality instruction and supportive services, the College develops leaders who encourage excellence in others.

A West education enriches students with the knowledge and skills needed to earn certificates and undergraduate degrees, to transfer, to build careers, and to pursue life-long learning.


Excellence: West envisions each student and employee striving for excellence in and out of classes, laboratories, libraries, studios, playing fields and offices.

Ethics: We hold ourselves and others to the highest standards in personal as well as intellectual responsibilities.  This informs relationships among students, staff, faculty and administration.

Empowerment: At West, everyone -- students, staff, faculty, administration -- is empowered by high expectations, respect and acknowledgment in all pursuits, from single lessons to completed degrees, from daily encounters to formal policy deliberations.

Engagement: To be fully engaged -- academically, locally and globally - is to embrace learning with passion, commitment and energy.


A. Critical Thinking

Analyze problems by differentiating fact from opinions, using evidence, and using sound reasoning to specify multiple solutions and their consequences.

B. Communication

Effectively communicate thought in a clear, well-organized manner to persuade, inform, and convey ideas in academic, work, family and community settings.

C. Quantitative Reasoning

Identify, analyze, and solve problems that are quantitative in nature.

D. Self-Awareness/

     Interpersonal Skills

Apply self-assessment and reflection strategies to interpersonal, work, community, career, and educational pathways.

E. Civic Responsibility

Apply the principles of civility to situations in the contexts of work, family, community and the global world.

F. Technical Competence

Utilize the appropriate technology effectively for informational, academic, personal, and professional needs. Use competent technique in a musical performance.

G. Cultural Diversity

Respectfully engage with other cultures in an effort to understand them.

H. Ethics

Practice and demonstrate standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and fairness; apply ethical principles in submission of all college work.

I. Aesthetics

Use multiple modes of inquiry and approaches to experience and to engage with the arts and nature; develop and express personal creative visions throughout all aspects of one's life.



STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1:  Dedication to Learning

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2:  Culture of Continuous Improvement

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3:  Programs and Services Responsive to Student Needs

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 4:  Collaboration, Engagement, and Respect

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 5:  Connections with Communities