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An ePortfolio is a personal web site that can be used by students to showcase who they are: their academic work, interests as a person, professional aspirations, accomplishments, and extracurricular activities. Professors and instructors may also want to create an ePortfolio of their own, for many of the same reasons, but particularly to communicate information about the content and expectations of their courses.

The ePortfolio Project is made possible in part by funding from the Title V Cooperative and Walmart SEMILLAS grants.


1) As an instructor, why should I build an ePortfolio into my syllabus? It just sounds like extra work.

The content of an ePortfolio can provide a fuller and more sophisticated view of a student’s achievements, personality, and interests - both inside and outside the academic environment. A well-constructed ePortfolio can be an invaluable asset when the student is ready to transfer to a four-year university, apply to graduate school, or enter the job market for the first time. In a competitive environment, additional information about a candidate provides an additional edge. Moreover, employers and registrars are beginning to expect comprehensive ePortfolios that can be accessed quickly via the internet, in lieu of bulky paper applications that pile up on the corner of a desk.


2) Generally, what sort of work should a student include in an ePortfolio?

In short, anything that demonstrates a student’s mastery of an individual lesson, course, or even an entire program. Because an ePortfolio has multimedia capability, it can accept video, audio, photos, artwork, Power points, spreadsheets, PDFs, and Word documents. Students can include essays, resumes, contacts, websites, even commentary  – written, audio, or visual -- about how they approached an assignment and how it affected them. If it represents a student’s best work, it can be included in an ePortfolio. View this handout for information on what goes inside an ePortfolio.


3)  Is learning how to use an ePortfolio difficult?

While an ePortfolio is a relatively easy-to-learn website, like any piece of software, there’s a learning curve. You’ll have to experiment a bit before it becomes entirely comfortable. Your students, however, because they’ve grown up with technology, will likely pick it up very quickly.


4)  What does an ePortfolio cost?

While you’re a student or instructor at West, an ePortfolio is free. Students who want to keep their ePortfolios beyond West can purchase an individual account for $12.95 per year, through the eFolioWorld website located at 


5)  How do I get more information about West’s ePortfolio Program?

The ePortfolio Program is overseen by Mary-Jo Apigo, with Bruce Jacobs serving as workshop trainer. Every Thursday from 12:00 to 3:30 p.m., Bruce Jacobs will be available in the Heldman Learning Resource Center (HLRC) -- near the International Student Support/Transfer Honors Lounge -- for individual and small group training and problem-solving sessions. Students and instructors are encouraged to drop by during those times and have their questions answered. Additionally, there are ongoing Tech Fair ePortfolio Workshops available during Fall semester. Check the Tech Fair schedule for dates and times.