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Online Learning - Student Services


Online College - Student Services


Online Help Desk

Comprehensive technical support is available to students online to help resolve any technical difficulties you may have with your course, including logging in. Post your question on the Help desk discussion board and you will usually receive a response within 24 hours.

Make sure to bookmark the address for future reference:

Online Tutoring and Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Get help with your classes through West’s FREE Online Tutoring Program. You may access the tutoring service from any computer with Internet access. 

Online tutoring is available in core subjects like:

  • Mathematics
  • English – refer to the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for English or any course writing assignment
  • Computer Science

Other subjects have included Psychology, Accounting, Spanish, Philosophy and Sociology.

How does online tutoring work?

  • Tutoring is offered online using a discussion board and “Live Chat.” Students post questions to a subject’s discussion board and the subject tutor will reply, usually within 48 hours. Math tutors can reply with step-by-step, handwritten calculations on how to solve a problem.
  • Live chat is also available. If you would like to schedule a chat session, request a day and time between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (California, USA) and we will try to accommodate you. Vist our Online Tutoring website to get started!
  • More information about online tutoring is available. Please visit the Library Learning Center and check out the Online Writing Lab and Tutoring and the Online Subject Tutoring links for the latest information.

Online Writing Lab (OWL) Assistance

OWL tutors are available to help student with a variety of writing assignments. Email the OWL tutors at our Online Writing Lab website to get started. OWL tutors provide assistance with:

  • Preparing to Write: Thesis statements, outlines, understanding assignment instructions
  • Writing: Assistance with development of essay and supporting details
  • Revisions: Re-organization of your paper, general review of sentence structure and discussion of essay development

Library Resources

Students have access to online library resources all day, every day including:

  • E-books
  • Magazine and journal databases
  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Research and citation guides and tutorials
  • Access to a virtual reference librarian

Visit for more information.

Online Bookstore

Students can purchase the books they need through this web site. 

For the Online Bookstore, please visit

Online Counseling

Online Counseling is a service offered through the college by way of Internet.  It provides assistance to students making decisions regarding educational, career, and personal concerns.  The fundamental goal of the Counseling Division is to provide opportunities for students to clarify their values, their goals, to cultivate self-confidence, develop self-direction and foster self-esteem.   Modes of modality are typically offered by email, real-time chat and video conference chat (Oovoo). 

Online counseling services include:

  • Selecting a degree path
  • Understanding what classes you needed to earn your degree
  • How to “transfer” your course credits to a university once you have completed your selected degree or classes

Online counselors are available to assist you with:

  • Abbreviated Student Educational Plans (ASEP)
  • Comprehensive Student Educational Plans (CSEP)
  • Assistance with Course Repeat/Line Out and Academic Renewal
  • Referrals to additional Student Success and Support Services

Counselors are available by e-chat (a live back and forth conversation online), email and phone.  More information is available here.


If the math or English course you wish to take is beyond entry-level, you are required to “assess” or “test” into the class.  If you are studying abroad or out-of-state and cannot make it into our assessment center to test, we have two options for course placement:


Prerequisite clearances:

If you have taken math or English at a college, University or high school outside of the United States, please send your transcripts to one of the following foreign transcript evaluation agencies found at  Once the agency has completed its translation and evaluation, it should send the transcript to: West Los Angeles College Office of Admissions, SSB; 9000 Overland Ave; Culver City, CA 90019.
Once we have received the translated transcript, please send a “prerequisite completion” form to  You can find a copy of the form at by clicking here.  The translation agency can give you sense of how long it will take for the transcript to arrive; you can also check to see if your transcript has arrived by writing to    


Prerequisite challenges:

If you have the appropriate documented knowledge, experience or ability to succeed in a course, you should submit a “prerequisite challenge” form to  For example, if you have taken the math or English sections of internationally-recognized tests such as the ACT or SAT, you should submit copies of the test scores and the prerequisite challenge form to  The form can be found at by clicking here.

Students are invited to test remotely through the ACT Compass remote testing service. For more information visit or go to for more testing sites.