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Web Support and Administration


Web Support and Administration

This program is intended to help students develop skills in designing, building, programming, populating with contents, branding, and marketing, supporting and managing websites. This program also improves students with the knowledge and skills to administer web site security and to manage client-server database.


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Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement Requirements 

and Recommended Sequence of Classes


MAJOR CODE:  0709.00




SEMESTER 1                                                                      UNITS

CO SCI 938     Web Application Programming        3

CO SCI 957     Intro to Web Page Development                   3

TOTAL SEMESTER UNITS                                              6


SEMESTER 2                                                                    UNITS

CO SCI 958     Web Development Using HTML                4

CO SCI 962     Web Programming Using JavaScript          4

CO SCI Elective Choose CO SCI Electives*                      3

TOTAL SEMESTER UNITS                                           11


TOTAL CERTIFICATE UNITS                                                17


*Major Electives: Choose CO SCI elective units from the following CO SCI courses: 185, 285, 912, 937, 952, 955, 963, 967, 980, and 990.