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Network and Information System Security


Network and Information System Security

This program is intended to help students develop skills to administer industry standards network and information system with security emphasis. The courses examine and illustrate network security with industry leading network operating system. This program is also designed to help students prepare to complete CompTIA security+ certification exam.


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Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement Requirements 

and Recommended Sequence of Classes


MAJOR CODE:  0708.10



SEMESTER 1                                                                    UNITS

CO SCI 965     Introduction to Computer Networks           3

CO SCI 980     Intro to Computer & Info Security I           3

TOTAL SEMESTER UNITS                                            6



SEMESTER 2                                                                UNITS

CO SCI 985     Network & Info System Security            3

CO SCI Electives   Choose CO SCI Electives*               7

TOTAL SEMESTER UNITS                                        10


TOTAL CERTIFICATE UNITS                                             16

*Major Electives: Choose CO SCI elective units from the following CO SCI courses: 185, 285, 385, 916, 934, 951, 967, 973, 975, 976, 977, 980, 983, 984, 985, 987 and 991.