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Computer Network Management


Computer Network Management

Microsoft and Cisco network training at WLAC prepare students to pass Microsoft and Cisco certification exams. These industry-demand certifications are important to those who wish to pursue a career working with Microsoft and CISCO network. This program helps students build core foundation for Microsoft domain network and learn Cisco router configuration techniques.


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Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement Requirements 

and Recommended Sequence of Classes



MAJOR CODE:  0708.10



SEMESTER 1                                                                    UNITS

CO SCI 972 Intro to Cisco Network Fundamentals             3

CO SCI 982 Intro to Microsoft Server OS                           3

TOTAL SEMESTER UNITS                                            6


SEMESTER 2                                                                   UNITS

CO SCI 974 Intro to Cisco Routers                                    3

CO SCI Electives Choose CO SCI Electives*                   8

TOTAL SEMESTER UNITS                                           11


Total Certificate Units                                                      17 

*Major Electives: Choose CO SCI elective units from the following CO SCI courses: 185, 285, 385, 916, 934, 943, 951, 967, 973, 975, 976, 977, 980, 983, 984, 985, 987 and 991.