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Gain the skills and confidence to succeed online in BSICSKLS 105CE (free 3-week class)

Class Schedules & Registration


Icons representing Synchronous and Asynchronous classes

Nearly all classes have been converted to an online learning platform in response to COVID-19. Please view class notes for details or contact the instructor for more information.

New Ways To Search For A Class:

  • "ASYNCHRONOUS ONLINE" - NO set meeting times. 

  • "SYNCHRONOUS ONLINE" - REQUIRED attendance, via computer, at virtual scheduled meetings. 


WINTER 2021 (All Classes Will Be Online)

Winter Image - ATA Building

Searchable Winter Schedule

- Priority Enrollment Starts Oct 19
- Open Enrollment Starts Nov 16
How to find your Enrollment Date


PDF List of Winter Classes






SPRING 2021 (All Classes Will Be Online)

Spring image - Commencement

Searchable Spring Schedule

- Priority Enrollment Starts Nov 9
- Open Enrollment Starts Dec 7
How to find your Enrollment Date


PDF List of Spring Classes








Summer Image - campus lawn

Searchable Summer Schedule

Not Yet Available. Please check back.


PDF Summer Schedule 

​​Not Yet Available. Please check back.






FALL 2021 (TBD)

Fall image - Math Science Building

Searchable Fall Schedule

List of Classes [pdf]

Faculty Email Directory

Do I have to virtually attend
my class at scheduled times?

"Asynchronous" Classes: You do NOT need to virtually attend class at specific times.

"Synchronous" Classes: You must attend virtual class sessions at the times listed. Read the class description to know which format your class is using.

NOTE: "Co Sci" classes are now ("CS," "CIS," "MIT")View new names