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Make a successful
transition to college

Summer Bridge


For the high school class of 2017 and others who have recently left high school

Phone: (310) 287-4419  Email:

West’s Summer Bridge is an 8-week program designed to help new students cross successfully from high school into college. Become familiar with the college; Level up your skills; Earn priority enrollment; Sign-up for programs, AND it's fun too...see flyer

Participants take an English class, and a Personal Development class focusing on career exploration, selecting a major, and academic success. Students will earn credit toward an Associate Degree and/or university transfer requirements. Assistance to succeed in college-level and upper division math will also be offered. 



  • Get familiar with the college, its support programs and processes.
  • Guaranteed enrollment in 12 units for the FALL
  • Shortened path to an A.A. degree and/or University Transfer
  • Development of Comprehensive Student Education Plan (a requirement to receive priority enrollment)
  • Priority application for financial/academic services including EOP&S, Financial Aid, TRiO SSS, etc.
  • Off-campus trips to L.A.’s cultural destinations