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What is Fresh Success?

Through Fresh Success, CalFresh participants gain education and training that will lead to better employment and a path to economic self-sufficiency. Fresh Success eligible programs include credit and noncredit career training and noncredit basic skills classes that improve one’s employability (I.e. English Language Learning, high school equivalency)


Fresh Success can help you: 

  • Strengthen your employability through classes and training programs offered at West 

  • Receive supportive services such as career counseling; interview training; job search, placement, and retention services; educational plans; academic monitoring; tutoring; and case management.  

  • Receive help to reduce your financial barriers to program participation, completion and employment, such as transportation assistance, textbooks, and supplies. 

Fresh Success Eligibility

Any adult* can apply for these requirements to join Fresh Success @ West. Part-time and noncredit and not-for-credit students are eligible.

  1. Apply for and receive CalFresh (household income eligibility requirements) 

  1. Apply to West and enroll in at least one Fresh Success eligible course (if enrolling in credit, the applicant must enroll in a minimum of six units 

  1. Apply to Fresh Success (see instructions below)  

*Individuals age 16 years or older may apply and be eligible for Fresh Success under certain circumstances. Please visit our zoom or email us at for more information on this. 


**Enrollment in Fresh Success does not negatively impact a participant’s other government or college benefits or financial aid awards.**

Apply to Fresh Success

Thank you for your interest in the benefits of Fresh Success to help you complete your college and career goals.  Please follow the steps below to complete your application to Fresh Success: 


Step 1: Apply or Download Eligibility

A) Apply to CalFresh - CAL FRESH APPLICATION (15 minutes) 

(Only if you're not already a CalFresh recipient)


CalFresh Info Flyer 



B) Download your ELIGIBILITY verification form - CAL FRESH PORTAL


Step 2: Online Intake

Complete Online Intake & Assessment form (15 minutes)

Answer questions in online form and have the following document ready to upload: 

CalFresh Verification Form

Next Steps

You will receive notification via email within two business days. If you have not heard by then or have any questions, please contact Maritza Medina at  (310) 287-4510 or email us at


Information and Assistance

For more info about the Fresh Success @ West or if you have trouble with completing the application steps above, contact us at (310) 287-4404 or (310) 287-4510 or or join our zoom call at:

Meeting ID: 982 9907 4743 
Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5:30PM 


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