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FREE CS IT Bootcamp Winter 2019



Students can enroll VOC ED 290 CE and VOC ED 281 CE non-credit classes once the class ID is available, students can enroll the class the same day right before the boot-camp starts.


 VOC ED 290 CE –Computer Literacy for College students for incoming CS901 students

 CS901 boot-camp Jan 26, 27, Feb 2 & 3 in CE105A from 9 to 1:20 pm by Marvin Martyn

Agenda topics: Office 365 and OneDrive

                        MS Word and project: Marketing flyer & Resume

                           MS Excel: Formatting and Graph

                           MS PowerPoint: Layout and Design

VOC ED 290 CE –Computer Literacy for College students for incoming CS902 students

CS902 boot-camp Jan 26, 27, Feb 2 & 3 in CE105A from 1:30 to 5:50 pm by Kaleab Gorfu

Agenda topics: Focus on fundamental computer programming:

During the 4 sessions of this boot camp, students will learn the fundamentals of computer programming using Python. No book purchase is necessary for this class, we will be using a free interactive website, this website is full of interactive sample code that you can edit and run as many times as you wish to practice. You will learn about different types of computer instructions, variables, and decision statements.


One section of VOC ED 281 CE-Exploring Computing Career Path-for the entire division students

Course Syllabus


Jan 26 from 9 to 1:20 pm by Bill William in CE103–Amazon Web Service, Apple and IT interview tips

Jan 27 from 9 to 1:20 pm by Parvaneh Garforyfard in CE225 – Engineering and Programming

Feb 2 from 9 to 1:20 pm by Manish Patel in CE103-Web and Database (see topics below)

Feb 3 from 9 to 1:20 pm by Anna Chiang in CE103-Industry Certification Training, College Degree & Certificate, University Transfer and Computer Security

The format of boot-camp for each day will include instructor's presentation, hands-on lab exercises and Q & A section. 

About Amazon Web Service & Q & A session follows

With the industrial trend of following the Federal 'green' computing initiative, demand on Cloud Computing talents are booming. Amazon Web Service, currently the largest Cloud Service provider, offers many web services, its contents are daunting for people new to cloud computing.

To get interesting students a clear startup, this spring, WLAC is offering a series of AWS Cloud Computing courses, don't hesitate, sign up for these exciting Cloud Computing courses, they will enhance your IT career.

About the Web and Database


·         Web development career guide

·         Internships

·         Use web development platforms to be able to code anywhere (AWS, Azure, Cloud9)

·         Importance of HTML

·         JavaScript the new programming language for the web

·         What is Full Stack

·         How to build your skills

·         How to build a portfolio



·         Data Science

·         Database fundamentals

·         Machine learning

·         Internet of Things

·         Sensors everywhere.

·         API

·         Server less Cloud technologies


Computer Science Information Technology FREE NON-CREDIT Boot Camp on the weekend (Jan 26 & 27th and Feb 2 & 3rd) before spring semester starts for the following students: 

-Incoming CS901

-Incoming CS902

-Students in the track of Computer Science, Network & Security, Web Development & Database and Engineering.

Click the following link to check the details and boot-camp schedule:

Questions for AWS on Jan 26 contact the instructor Bill Williams via

Questions for Programming & Engineering on Jan 27 contact Parveneh Ghaforyfard via

Questions for Web development & Database contact Manish Patel via

Questions for college degree/certificate, computer security, contact Anna Chiang via