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CO SCI 900: Intoduction to Robotics


Robots are used in the auto, medical, and manufacturing industries, in all manner of exploration vehicles, and, of course, in many science fiction films. West Los Angeles College’s Certificate of Achievement in Essential of Robotics and Programming is open to all majors and to non- degree students. The program is designed to instruct students on the design, construction and programming of robotic and automated systems. Obtaining a certificate in Essential of Robotics and programming prepares students for work in robotics and exposes them to several  facets of the field. The program allows for a focus on the hardware and modeling or the algorithms, all of which are the integral components of robotics. 

Co Sci 900: Introduction to Robotics is an introductory course to Robotics that is offered now at West LA college. This course does not require any prerequisite or any prior knowledge in Programming.


This is an introductory course in robotics; with hands-on experience on building a PARALLAX robot. Students learn about electric motors, servos, sensors, switches, and actuators. Students learn Basic Stamp computer programming and integration into a working robotic unit; including mechanical assembly, connecting electronic components, wiring and soldering, and testing.


Email  Professor Parvaneh Ghaforyfard at for more information.