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Computer Security Educational Center

Homeland Security National Initiative For Cybersecurity Careers and Studies


West Los Angeles College is proud to announce its partnership with National Initiative For Cybersecurity Careers and Studies- NICCS-.  Look for our Institution ID: 157.


The NICCS Training Catalog provides a robust listing of cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related training courses offered in the U.S. The Training Catalog contains over 2,000 courses, with more courses being added every day! The NICCS Training Catalog is meant to serve as a central resource to help people find the information on courses they want or need for a career in cyber.

The Training Catalog allows users to search for courses based on: keyword, proficiency level, delivery method, and Workforce Framework Specialty Area. 

Training for a Career in Cyber

Securing, protecting, and defending our nation’s digital information and critical infrastructure require building an agile and highly skilled workforce that can respond to the challenges of the day.

Whether you are a current cyber employee looking to build your skills, a career changer seeking to forge a new path, or a veteran hoping to retrain for the next phase in life, the NICCS Training Catalog is the place to start.

The NICCS Training Catalog offers more than 2,000 cyber and IT courses available throughout the country, online, and in person. Visit the Training Catalog today and find the course that paves the way to your future in cyber.

Free Government Training

The Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) and FedVTE Live! (Formerly FedCTE) programs offer access to online and in-person cybersecurity training for the entire government workforce, both at federal and state and local events. FedVTE provides flexible online training, while FedVTE Live! offers live courses taught either in-person or through a virtual environment. These programs are available for free to government employees and veterans can also take advantage of FedVTE courses at no cost. Learn about FedVTE. Learn about FedVTE Live!.

Cyber Competitions

Looking for a place to check out your skills in a safe and legal environment? Check out cyber competitions! Competitions are a great way to learn about cybersecurity by applying offensive and defensive maneuvers in a competitive environment. There are many different competitions aimed at various levels of ability from beginners to seasoned experts. 

Our Courses Listed on the NICCS Web Site

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