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Concussion Prevention & Treatment


A concussion is a brain injury that is a result of a direct or indirect insult to the brain.  As a result, transient impairment of mental functions such as memory, balance/equilibrium, or vision may occur.  It can range from mild to severe and presents itself differently for each person.  It is important to recognize that many sport-related concussions do not result in loss of consciousness and, therefore, all suspected head injuries should be taken seriously.  Symptoms of a concussion might occur right after the incident or hours to days afterward.  Concussion symptoms may include the following:

  • Amnesia

  • Confusion

  • Headache

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Balance problems or dizziness

  • Double or fuzzy vision

  • Sensitivity to light or noise

  • Nausea ( a feeling that you might vomit)

  • Feeling sluggish, foggy or groggy

  • Feeling unusually irritable

  • Difficulty getting to sleep or disrupted sleep

  • Slowed reaction time

  • Concentration or memory problems

The California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) does not have a policy on concussions.  However, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Executive Committee adopted the following policy in which West Los Angeles College maintains compliance.

  1. Our Head Athletic Trainer has a concussion management plan in place so that when a student-athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion, he or she shall be removed from practice or competition and evaluated by an athletics healthcare provider with experience in the evaluation and management of concussions and head related injuries.

  2. Any student-athlete diagnosed with a concussion shall not return to activity for the remainder of that day.  Medical clearance shall be determined by the team physician and or neurologist specializing in concussions; prior to the athlete returning to practice and competition in the future.

  3. Student-athletes will sign a statement in which they accept the responsibility for reporting their injuries and illnesses to the WLAC Head Athletic Trainer, including any past history of concussions during high school or club team competition.

  4. All WLAC athletes will be presented with educational materials from the NCAA regarding concussions.